My experience about STTP Four Week AICTE approved FDP by IIT Bombay

I enrolled as a participant to the “STTP Four Week AICTE approved FDP by IIT Bombay on – Use of ICT in Education for Online and Blended Learning” (02 May 2016 to 10 July 2016) after registering as a Workshop coordinator for my institute.

It really is one of the most engaging STTP that I am attending. It needs a consistent and attentive efforts from the participants. In the past, I attended many online courses, however, none of the courses were this engaging.

Interestingly I learned Flipped classroom concept, Think-pair-share activities, in-class activities, Moodle-pages creation, Moodle-based course content creation along with quiz creation, web page and website creation. I found most interesting learning how to create a screencast. It will certainly reduce my burden for enabling students for teaching similar things. I purchased a license of SnagIt tool. It is awesome.

Overall, experience of this STTP/FDP, I can summarise, it was worth attending/ participating. I feel that it indeed contributed in my enabling improvement, a lot.

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