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Week 02 of DE1A with BE II Students

I explained the importance of exploring engineering related to the world around to the students of BE II Civil Engineering. With the help of Prof. Manisha Vashi, we had performed an exercise.

Students were challenged to create a tower with a configuration of sticking 20 balloons using gum tape. Resources were limited, fans of the classroom were ‘ON’ considering the effect of Wind over a Tall structure.

Initially, in groups, students had begun. Difficulties they faced were:

  • Bursting of balloons;
  • Sticking of balloons;
  • Wind blow;
  • Narrow base;
  • In the absence of proper layout and planning, some groups could work out well however, they felt unsatisfied.

All enjoyed the exercise however, we learned about where we fail…! “Engineers need to plan activities prior jumping in. For a civil engineer, such an attempt can bring misfortune for many lives.” As I told to the students.

So, on day 2, we will perform the sam exercise and this time, we are to plan a layout, discuss the geometry and come up with best of a tower.


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