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Register | Third-semester students should apply for mandatory Start-up MOOC under 100 point activity system

Below is information received from Ms Tosha Shukla, Assistant Professor at GTU for BE II (Semester III) Students.

This is in context to the above-mentioned subject. GTU startup policy aims for its students to take MOOC’s as well as convert final year project to start-ups. This program will also share basic start-up value chain, brief idea about global, national start-up ecosystems. Start-up India, Stand up India agenda etc which will streamline the thoughts and action of students. It will also have videos of successful start-ups and entrepreneurs and reference to other start-up literature in open source. The ultimate goal of this program would be to create early literacy on tech start-up scenario driven by innovation so that students can try their hands to build products out of their projects and try to create value out of this in a later stage. The entire process will make their learning more action oriented. We expect you to circulate and create awareness in the students by getting them registered for the same.
Third-semester students from your college irrespective of the branch should apply on the link:

All students are instructed to get registered and take advantage.

Our university is extending help, go for it.

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