Citation & Referencing made easy using Mendeley Manager

While producing write up, it is very much essential that the writer can create the text on own. However, it is not possible to write a complete article without referring to some of the past efforts. So, when it comes to references i.e. covering someone else’s work, it comes to the citation. A quote is an in-text reference provided to the one’s work which was referred to in producing a context by an author.

Mendeley is easy to use cloud-based service serving the purpose of making citation and referencing easy. Apart from that, it provides an opportunity for researchers and students to collaborate on similar ideas and efforts like any other social networking site.

Below is a quick guide video (12:38 Min.) avoiding a copy of the contents using the websites and other documents instead, cite original work easily and quickly.

Furthermore, if you like to learn a bit more about citations and references, refer to a presentation below.

All the best and happy ‘good writing practices’…! Keep learning.

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