Learn Online (Free-of-cost) improve a career

Here is a list of online platforms that will help you learn topics that interest you (with a certificate, of course). The link redirects to a page having information about these courses, known as MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses. I have been enjoying such courses since 2008…!

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Some of the most popular platforms for general subjects/ topics are, Coursera (free/commercial), FutureLearn (free/commercial), OpenLearning, Stanford online and edX. These sites offer courses from best of the universities and learned faculty members across the globe.

Basic and advanced engineering courses are available at NPTEL, IITBx, and Khan Academy.

Urban planning courses are available at IIRS-ISRO (Free/Paid), The World Bank Academy (Free), NIDM- National Institute of Disaster Management (Paid).

Want to learn engineering software with a wide-range of choice for learning? Check out Bentley’s Student server. One may learn through demonstrating video and go for self-learning by installing and performing hands-on practice.

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