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How to – Register on Design Engineering Portal of GTU

A student (studying in any branch in a program – Bachelor of engineering at any GTU affiliated college, will need to get registered as an individual and be a part of a team while studying through Semester 3 till Semester 6.

Below is a procedure that demonstrates a registration of an individual student followed by a team’s registration.

Step-1: Go to –> Academics –> Registration –> Student Registration

Alternate Links For Accessing Portal: Link1 | Link2


Step 2: Fill in the details of individual student


Step 3: Login using an enrollment number as ID and Password received through registered email. (If the email registered was incorrect by mistake, ask faculty guide/principal of the institute to help fetching a temporary password).3.png

Step 4: After all team members are registered individually, a student acting as a Team Leader need to Login using his/her credentials, and generate a request for registering a team.4.png

Step 5: Initial information will be displayed by details fetched from records and show the pre-generated form.


Step 6: Insert the project work related details like title/domain, select guide, provide project keywords (words that are most suitable to your work).


Step 7: Add team members by providing their enrollment number one after another.


Step 8: Wait till a message is displayed on the screen “Successful team registration” if not, many time, the server can show some error or irrelevant message however, it is advised to request your faculty guide to check the team registration status (if the guide has received a request for team approval or not) through guide’s login.


Step 9: Check in your account that your team is registered or not and check the entered details while team registration. If any Error is identified, ask the faculty guide not to approve the team.





All the best.

The credit of the work input through screenshots are due for Mr. Ravi J. Bhatt.

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