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Web-based logs by students

It indeed is an achievement by each of the students who could successfully create and maintain an online log of their activities using WordPress website. On a suggestive mode, students were instructed that those who are interested can choose for creating an online record book using a blog-based site. Basic information about creating and maintaining the blog-site was discussed along with advantages making one such record site (as records can be generated using smart mobile phones). There was an overwhelming response almost by all the students in the entire batch that all of them prepared their own pages of records.
Students made this attempt as a part of a learning exercise while performing coursework in Design Engineering 1 A.
It indicates that curiosity of doing something not done previously is the driving force. Almost all the students in a batch explored the online tool and a few of these students are maintaining their records conveniently. WordPress has many features similar to a social media and allows for following updates, liking over articles, placing a comment/reply to it and so on. However, the core purpose of the services is not to provide a social media.
A regular writing practice can serve as a regular source of income over a period of time. The amounts will be generated depending on quality and content of the write-up that attracts the viewership across the globe. Power of Internet!!
The created blog sites by the students during the academic year 2017-2018, during their
Semester 3 B E Civil II, Sarvajanik College of Engineering & Technology, Surat.




Learning new should indeed be made a habit and may it be allowed for sometime for flourishing.

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