The branch was initiated teaching-learning and interactions in the year 2012 at the Civil Engineering Department of Sarvajanik College of Engineering & Technology. Since then, students are  putting efforts to excel through specialization.

Semester I Resources Scheme/Syllabus

Semester II Resources Scheme/Syllabus

Semester III Resources Scheme/Syllabus

Revised Guidelines to prepare the ME Dissertation

Semester IV Resources Scheme/Syllabus

Academic support – Subject course pages

Below pages contain class notes – presentations and other reading material for a prticular subject. The content on the subject pages are licensed under creative commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International. Click the button to learn more about CreativeCommons free-culture more-info-button

Semester I

Urban Housing (UH)

Infrastructure and Transportation Planning (ITP) (Subject Code – 2714804)

Research Skills (RS)

Semester II

Urban Governance & Development Management (UGDM) (Subject Code – 2724804)

Geospatial Techniques and Planning (GTP)

Disaster Management (DM)

Semester III

Politics & Public Policy Planning (PPPP) (Subject Code – 2734804)

Semester IV

Legal Issues in Urban Planning (LIUP) (Subject Code – 2744804)