2016-07-05_Assignment 1

Answer the following questions and submit your answers at my desk before the deadline. If you can, type your answers using a word processor and submit a printed page (one only) or use the template details and submit your answers hand-written. Download a template for answer page HERE.

Questions are:

Q.1. How did you make an observation? What did you do to gather information that you recorded? Be specific with points  as answer. (Hint: Identify your actions while making observation.)

Q.2 Did you use any instruments? If yes, prepare a list of it.

Q.3 Were you able to identify your partner’s lemon? Explain WHY or WHY NOT.

Q.4. What was it about your partner’s observations that made the lemon hard or easy to find?

Q.5 What if you were blindfolded (not able to see), how would you make the observation?

Submission deadline: 08/07/2016, Friday till 3.30 pm.