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Welcome to the learning portal of Bhasker V. Bhatt (An independent individual).

The purpose of this website is to reach among the learners. An attempt to create OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES useful in a blended mode of learning of engineering and developing interestingly essential allied skills. Most important aspect is to spread awareness and make the available technology reachable to the desirous ones.

Motive for site: Reach Out…!

Open Educational Resources (OER) for the course he is dealing are available under “Academics” in the top menu. Browse through Categories and Tabs in the menu to the Left.

The website will be under development for resourceful contents that can be useful for a learner and researchers all the time. Bit-by-bit, it is growing up. So, keep visiting frequently or simply, follow/like the pages to receive updates.

The website is created and maintained by Prof. Bhasker V. Bhatt.