Record work using a Blog (a Web-based Log)

Any student, who is wishing to create an online record of his activities, involvements and set of stored thoughts, it is very conveniently possible using a BLOG. Let us briefly discuss about it in the context of an engineering student.

A Blog – Web-Log, is an online tool that a user uses to share thoughts on the online portal. It has a very widespread use regarding the particular purpose for which it is used. Here, I am describing its usage as a Log-book for a student who is working on something wherein one needs the freedom of maintaining a notebook (which is ideally a very handy to use).

All that one needs to keep a record where the details of involvement/ activities need a description in a written form. Along with it, one can include web-links (as referred online), include photographs captured (or scanned images if so) as well as video and its links. Here, maintaining an involvement records, one may not get the attention of readers but, if the blogs are TAGGED correctly, by the end of a period, specially tagged blogs can be printed as a record which later on can be put to a file. I advise the students to share the blog link with supervising faculty member (using WhatsApp/ email/ SMS or any other platform that is utilised by both).

A very quick idea about creating a Blog is explained step-by-step understanding in the video.

Do not forget to create a particular tag and put your blog as Tagged one.

It is believed that this tool can empower students, specifically while working on final year projects, Vishwakarma Yojna of GTU, Design Engineering subjects as well as ME Dissertation.

Happy Blogging – Record logging.

The more you will do it, better you will be able to do, quickly. 

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You may like to go through a short video demonstration process that will help you learning ‘how to create a blog using WordPress’. CLICK HERE to watch the video (11.37 Min.)

You may like to go through an extra mile…!

Here is some reference, you will need to devote some time initially, however, once you have grip, it really is fun.

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