Assignment for Week 03 (DE-1A)


Building up a cohesive team, all groups need to comply the checklist as below and prepare a page manually containing information, not less than:

  • List of students’ name
  • Prepare a brief introduction for each group member
    • Include liking, interests, skills of each member along with a photograph
  • Give the group a vibrant brand name
  • Select a domain: Civil Engineering for all groups as common domain
  • Select a theme:
  • Prepare a list of five sub-theme within the selected theme

Part 02

Prepare and complete your log-book including records of your involvement till date (in the subject of Design Engineering).

Also, include your experience in Balloon Tower Exercise (Dt. 20/07/2016) as a team effort as discussed in the class.

Part 03

Identify at least one project/product/process engineered by humans that has inspirations through bio-mimicry. Describe the same in at about 100-150 words.

Assignment 03 Deadline is on/before Monday, 25/07/2016.

All assignments submission (now onwards) shall be made to faculty mentors as below.

Enrolment No. 1 to 23 – submit assignment to Prof. Bhasker V. Bhatt

Enrolment No. 24 to 45 – submit assignment to Dr. Kamlesh Dalal

Enrolment No. 45 to 63 – submit assignment to Prof. Manisha Vashi