The week 02 content is:

Week-02 Content

Check out the activities during Week 02

You may refer to basic information about the Log Books here and about Lab Notebook here. The students individually will maintain a record book of their involvement in the Design Engineering Subject.

In the words of Jennifer Marshall, “A documentation strategy is a plan formulated to assure the documentation of an ongoing issue, activity, or geographic area”. The documentation strategy is a systematic, scientific approach that needs to be incorporated, thoroughly. Learn more about by going through an article by JENNIFER A. MARSHALL of Wisconsin University.

Each record (each page) of your LOG BOOK must contain information about their involvement:

  • Day, Date, Time and Hours
  • Activity performed or
  • Task done
  • Details/ description
  • Signature by faculty member
  • additional information (drawing, sketch, diagram, text and so on)

Prepare a log-book of your involvement in the subject till date and get it signed in the Monday Session of Week-03.

Week 02 Assignment:

Initially, a round of Balloon Tower building (Hands-on exercise) is basically a team building exercise. It teaches us how to work in a synchronising and synthesising. Submit the answers of following questions (You may use a ready-made format to prepare your submission).


The deadline is Monday, 18/07/2016 before 3.30pm (Submit printed/handwritten answers to Prof. Bhasker V. Bhatt/ Dr. Kamlesh Dalal/ Prof. Manisha Vashi)

  1. Did you have any strategy for constructing a Balloon Tower?
  2. What was your approach in construction? Explain with photographs/ sketches. (It will be wonderful if you can paste step-by-step construction procedure.)
  3. Did your design of Balloon Tower had changed while you were constructing it? Why?
  4. Will you do it differently if you are given a chance to re-build a Balloon Tower? Why? (Explain, how could you make it a little better than earlier?)
  5. Why documentation of our work is important? What are different ways/ means of documenting our work as records?
  6. What is a log-book? What will it contain?