Week 04

The week 4 of Design Engineering 1A include various activities as learning observation tool as per GTU circular on – AEIOU Framework. It is based on ethnography.

We will need to understand the process of making observations. Refer to a presentation on the observations. If you have any doubts in performing for field observations using AEIOU framework, please write in the ‘Comments’ below. (Please mention your name and enrollment number). The content of the weeks 4-5-6 is as below.

Content of Week 4-5-6

Click to obtain the document mentioned for Interview in the above image.

Submissions made by Students for Bio-mimicry exercise in Week 03

Tasks to be done for Week 04 (Assignment)

  1. Identification of appropriate place/location in the community or in surrounding where the team can make observations for their selected sub-theme under the theme.
  2. All the team members will go to the site at least 4-5 times at different hours of different days and make observations using all Observation sheets (A-E-I-O-U). Please download and print the sheets prior site visits. (Print on A3 paper size)
  3. Each student will have their observation sheet set. Hence, for a team of 5 students, at least there will be 5 set of AEIOU Observation sheets.
  4. All students will prepare a Summary of Observation. Write important words only, avoid sentences. Include sketches, snaps and so on as deem needful in explaining the observations. You should use Sticky Notes while preparing Observation Summary.


Consolidate and submit your observation sheets to the teacher and discuss your observations on 1st August 2016.

Below is an example (but not limited to) for preparing AEIOU Observation Sheets

Large size in actual scale to visualize these obasevatino sheets are available for reference on the Soft-Board in Computer Center of Civil Engineering Department. Credit of the work goes to a team of Master Mansi, Vijaan Masani, Jennifer Modi and Savan Patel of BE 2013-2017 Batch of Civil Engineering Department at SCET.

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