Riddle, in general, is – why an engineering brain is not becoming able to create? Despite being a social animal filled with full of energy and enthusiasm, one engineer, surely is able to observe, ideate and many times criticise and generate an idea but not in a position to chase for and innovate to resolve the tough scenario. The present paper examines the constraints in terms of required set of identical needs of competencies an engineer, to become an innovator, must possess and pose challenges that must accomplish in parallel to acquiring while being educated the engineering. It has been observed that though logically sound brain of an engineer while enjoys the creativity, cannot give the advantage of merging the creativity into an engineered result. The paper discusses the concepts of “Key to idea generation” through an “Innovation Punch” and ability to be developed as an “Innovative T-man” to pursue the idea. Elementary principles and suggestive components of each in the background of the efforts made at the GTU are also deliberated. Prior concluding, the paper also converses on the possible recipe of success and limitations for an engineering graduate in the context of weakened creativity and innovation despite having a huge potential.The Five fingures

Keywords: Design Engineering, Engineer Competencies, Engineering Education, GTU, Idea generation, Innovation in engineering.

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DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.1251.7362

Innovative T-Man

11th September 2016

Similar but, yet improved thoughts I learned from Denial. Thanks for sharing.

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