Avoid GIGO – Use Google effectively

GIGO is Garbage InGarbage Out.


If we recall the good old days at school, we learned a basic idea. A computer system works on a principle of Logic. It will give an output based on whatever way we will provide input. It is not supposed to apply any mindset / thoughts of its own as it does not exist.

A very much commonly confronted scenario is frequently experienced by all of us. We may call it a classic case of GIGO.

While you put any term to search in a Google search, how many results are available? Do we check all the results to see if we got what we were searching for? Here are some of the tips that really can help out and make you precious time put to effective usage. Become a Pro-Google-Searcher…!

Wherever the search is supported by Google search engine, the syntax will be working.


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In addition, you may like to use the following Syntax in Google. Pause the show as appropriate.

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