Blogging for building a great product

I received an intimation – invitation to talk about Blogging in an informative session on creating a great product. Unfortunately, the event did not take place with the uncertainty that prevailed.

The article is to help all those who will like to have glimpses on the topic.

To me, “blogging is to show what you feel from within.” Here is an example.

Blogging is an expression to thoughts

Blogging brings some insightful understanding to be developed to realize the mindset of readers.

Define the reader class. Who are possibly to be readers of your thought – may it be of any length and topic in specific.

Include media, create your own.

use / / which are online open sources.

A presentation follows to make the thought more meaningful. drop your comments/ queries as it arises in the section provided below.

Important is to license your work, make one as you can see below, for your blog.

[Article date: 15th June 2019]



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