Team Profile Page Creation

The activity is for the students who are engaged in the course of Design Engineering – 1 in BE II (Semester III)


Use your wits, bring in your creativity and get together your skills to create a Team profile page using an A4 size of paper.

  • Use MS Word or other word processing tool
  • Page layout shall be portrait
  • No use of images are allowed, create your own and insert
  • The page must contain information as below:
    • Branding Name for the Team
    • Name and enrolment numbers of team members
    • A brief profile of each team members (interests & skills) and avoid personal information
    • Select a domain: Civil Engineering for all groups as common domain
    • Select a theme: $$$$$$$$$
    • Prepare a list of five sub-theme within the selected theme
  • Submit a coloured page print of the created page
  • Go for it.

Want to see Some samples? Do not simply copy the idea…!

Sample – 1

Sample – 2

Sample – 3

Sample – 4

Sample – 5

Explore either of tools below and become a designer…!

 484522  Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software

Create and share visual ideas, quickly.

Both tools will allow free usage (Open Source) All the Very Best…!

Go through the works of Week-03 & notes.


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