Webinar – The scope of an Urban planner for the society


Purposefully the event is kept on a ‘Sunday evening‘ for the aspiring students who seek to choose urban planning as a career path hence the discussions will be held accordingly. 

With the motivation to spread awareness on the profession of urban planning, I thought to use technology to add the enabling in disseminating basic principles and applications of urban planning in the society. The event will be focussing on the role of an urban planner in terms of various functions in diversified fields one can perform.

Urban planning is a field full of fascination as an Urban Planning professional gets connected with the society in many manners. At times the involvement is direct, however, at most of the times, the involvement is indirect and invisible. Yet, the presence is essentially required for better operations. Whether it be transportation services network, city economics, legal aspects concerning land and its management, environmental planning & monitoring, water conservation and hydrological investigations, infrastructure services, social facilities, international societal tasks and so on. In addition, with the advancement of the technology, the role has become more important for improving the quality of life of citizens using smarter solutions. The webinar is intended to discuss some of the key areas of exploration and application by an urban planning aspirant or professional. What a planner can do!!!
  • Level of the event – Basic
  • Pre-requisite – Understanding of English language – No specific background required

The event will be held online, (Tickets available for free with registration in below image – Click on GET TICKET).  There is a mention of JULY by mistake, however, the event will be for one hour, and it will be online.


Refer to the presentation that was discussed.

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