Image compression using Shrink O’ Matic – an open source tool

The presentation is about learning of image size and file size of an image. For documents, a very large sized image is not required, however, without compressing an image, inserting it directly into a document/ presentation/ web page, the images increase the file size of the document.

The presentation shows a way to identify the ideal size of an image required for a specific purpose and then the use of a tool how to convert a larger image to an appropriate one, without loss of the quality of an image.

This work is an inspiration from many of my friends who have been suffering heavier file sizes (word, powerpoint and pdf). Fundamental mistakes should not take place with of course, not losing the desired level of quality. Ms. Emily Jones of Xsight Technologies informed me about this wonderful tool available for all.

Watch the video and check out the presentation for text reference.

The presentation script

Click to visit and download Shrink O’ Matic tool website

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