Ideation – Generate Ideas

Generation of ideas is very easy, indeed.

We all bring ideas when we think or talk or deliberate or discuss with someone. Even while we are sleeping, we generate ideas. Isn’t it true?

Under the course of Design Engineering, Ideation process plays a crucial part. Human-centric difficulties are addressed in through the Ideation process.

The method uses Ideanut, Ideation canvas. The format is available for downloading CLICK HERE. Canvas has a flow of thoughts – structured and focused thoughts. Arriving at a difficulty by using imagination (based on specific user/people performing the particular activity at a specific location/context/situation).

Most important is the thinking iteration process as I am discussing the video (explained in Gujarati). Statements need to be framed while performing the first-hand cycle of thinking over difficulties. Immediate answers to solve these challenges will help in identifying some PROPS. Once the first thinking cycle is completed, another round of thinking is essential to club the props as alternative means of solutions – as an absurd connection.

Identification of about at least 20 difficulties and their alternative solutions will allow for choosing which path to move ahead with to develop a product/process.

Brilliant solution ideas are generated for the challenges, and all that remains now is to choose a particular solution from a specific discipline and go ahead for Product Development Canvas.

A presentation used for explaining the process is below for ready reference, followed by a video recorded while I was discussing the technique with my students.

All the best, Happy ideating.


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