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VYP IV: Stipend, Report, and other

I) About Stipend Form Fill Up:

Typical instructions as received from GTU:

  1. All the nodal officers are requested to fill the stipend form for each students working in VY: Phase IV from their respective institute;
  2. Please do not fill allowance form for already detained students or who have not contributed in this phase;
  3. It is compulsory to attach a photocopy of a pass book (first page)/cancelled cheque to avail the stipend; all the students must have their account in the bank whose correct details should be mentioned in the form for a secure future transaction and account verification;
  4. Stipend per month for the degree is Rs 3,500/- and for diploma students is Rs. 3,000/-. The student will get the stipend for three months for the current phase only if a student submits their report according to the format. Transportation allowance will be given as per actual bill produced in the document which will be approved and signed by the Nodal officer;
  5. Nodal Officer can combine the Civil + Electrical Students Group , as per the earlier guidelines;
  6. With the stipend form, attach cancel Cheque or Passbook details;
  7. If travel by Own vehicle then RC Book will be required to attached with the TA Bills;Submit students stipend form of each student along with all the necessary documents in one spring file (Front sticker college name and number as per the attached doc file (All colleges details – Copy (45).doc)) by 30 NOVEMBER, 2016 (Date revised to 12th DECEMBER) to Cabin No: A-314, GTU Chandkheda Campus, Ahmedabad.

The Stipend Form download-now

Travel allowance Annexure for Transportation (approved for Phase III) in .docxdownload-now (i.e. TA Bill)

Travel-log format in .docx download-now

II ) About Report Preparation:

  1. All the group needs to submit the report for each village as per the given format. (Kindly find it right below these points);
  2. GTU will need only one report for each village. (No separate report from degree or diploma students);
  3. In case two colleges are working on a single village, their project report will be combined (Village Wise) that should be submitted and stipend form will be submitted separately, college-wise.
  4. Colour Print with a spiral-bound of final DPR report should be submitted along with the stipend form for the current semester;
  5. Please do not send any soft copy to Submit the spiral bound report and attach a soft copy of entire report in the form of a CD;
  6. The Civil and Electrical group will do combined work for their task mentioned as per the report;
  7. No separate report will be accepted;
  8. Kindly put the photocopy of techno-economic survey / smart village survey in the annexure which must be duly signed and stamp by the village authority and as per the guided by Ms. Jagruti Shah.

The Report Format in.Pdf anddownload-now in.Docx download-now

Techno-economic form format in.Pdf anddownload-now in.Docx download-now

III) About Technicality of the Report:

  1. It is compulsory for all the groups to design at least two sustainable design from civil and one from electrical for each village in each report;
  2. Design done by the electrical students will be added in the same report which shall be mention in the index;
  3. (No separate report of electrical students), for any technical queries kindly contact:

IV) Requisite for the Document:

  1. Necessary proof for all the transportation should be attached along with stipend form as per GTU norms;
  2. All the documents will be verified as per the note mentioned in the stipend form by the Nodal officer, if it does not fit the same, the stipend form will not be taken into consideration by the section at GTU;
  3. After verification of all the documents by nodal officers, for their respective students, either the nodal officer/representative students are requested to submit the spiral bound report of assigned village to GTU.

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