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I had an opportunity to deliver a talk with an audience, young and aspiring people of Surat. Randomly registered through various online channels and gathered to gain insights about “How to do” on a topic assigned to me – #BusinessModelCanvas by #SWSurat

In fact, the BMC is an end step for a process begun with Design Thinking iterations. However, it is a very first step while looking ahead beginning with a business – any business related to a product, process or services as a value proposition for the initiative.

The tool discussed was developed by Stretegyzers with a base insights from the books published by them (cited in the reference section of the presentation below):



Once you are through the presentation above, you may like to go through the talk recording. Here is the video recorded by the team members of Startup Weekend Surat on my device.


I hope the talk would be helping you out gaining a bit more of insight regarding developing a BMC.

Here is a workbook template you may use to develop your BMC.




I suggest you iterate again and again about each and every aspect involved in each part of the BMC. It will help a lot, I am sure. At least, spent a WEEK’s duration dedicatedly in developing BMC of your value proposition.

Participants and organising team members

I am thankful to the event organisers for inviting me and wish them to carry on with such activities – a need of an hour.

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